City guide

Old Town


You can’t miss the Old Market, the beautiful medieval heart of the city. If you want to know how many tourists are visiting Poznan on a certain day just go to the city hall in the old town at noon. There you’ll find everyone staring at the town hall clock, as every day at noon two mechanical goats are appearing there to fight for some minutes. Rumours say the legend has something to do with a feast and a burned roast venison but the most fun here is actually to watch the other tourists.


Cathedral Island (Ostrów Tumski)


This island is where the city of Poznan started, way back in 966 AD. It features the Cathedral and a number of museums and beautiful buildings. It is possible to follow an audio-guided tour of the island starting at the Lock Gate of the Brama Poznania museum.


The Imperial Castle


Built in 1905 as a Palace for Kaiser Wilhelm II, Zamek is now a cultural centre with theatre and cinema. In the basement the 1956 Uprising Museum is based. Several cafes including an Irish pub “The Dubliner” is on site. The gardens hold the monument to the victims of Katyn and Siberia along with other public works of art. Certainly worth a visit, other important historic civic buildings and sculptures are also around this immediate area.


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